Ben Vernon Designs was formed in 2014, from the well established and respected firm, David Holbrook & Associates. Before forming this company, I enjoyed 10 years working for David Holbrook & Associates, which had already been running for some 30 years, producing approximately 27,000 drawings.

Although this line of work is my profession, it is also my passion, and I firmly believe that architecture, in whatever form, has the potential to truly enhance peoples lives.

My experience in architecture is not only academic.

Although I studied at the Manchester School Of Architecture, and college prior to that, I also thought it would be beneficial, not only to me, but also to my future potential clients, to gain on-site, physical and practical experience.
I gained this experience by working on many construction projects from a range of different sectors, from small extensions on domestic properties, right up to multi million pound, multi storey developments.
This experience gave me an insight into how things actually ‘work’, when a building is being constructed, and allowed me to translate these ‘workings’ into my designs, which hopefully benefits everybody all round.
The range of works which can be undertaken are outlined on our services page, but, not restrcited to these.
It is my firm belief, due to vast experience and knowledge, that whatever you can imagine-we can help make a reality.