This development was for the conversion of a healthcare centre into a family dwelling.

The centre was a large Victorian building with unique, ornate features such as viewing turrets and large curved walls.

Owing to these unusual features, the property had gained Listed Building status, and was deemed to be a heritage asset.

Because of its Listed status, the conversion could not simply be carried out as it would be with a non Listed building. Instead, a full assessment of the building had to be undertaken to establish all of the unique features and merits that the building had, and then justification for altering these features had to be given.

Working closely with the Conservation Team within the Planning Department, we successfully gained permission for all of the alterations the client wished to make, and he and his family carried out these changes, and moved in to the property.

Below is the link to the Isle Of Wight Planning website, where the submitted plans can be viewd along with all other doccuments, which can also be downloaded;